Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Never Doubt the Taste of Ina

Grilled Cheese and Tuscan Peasant Soup -- E.A.T.

So we did not go to E.A.T. merely to smuggle in a jar of pickles.  Our true reason for being here is to eat Ina Garten's favorite CHEESY dish, the grilled cheese sandwich with Tuscan peasant soup.

Though after the pickles, we can't seem to focus on much else.
This Sandwich Looks Decidedly Devoid of Cheese from Certain Angles
At this point, we also decide that we cannot go eating around Manhattan two days in a row.  The spunk and enthusiasm we displayed for our jaunts around the Upper West Side the day before have all but disappeared, and we are especially put off by our inability to order wine until after noon on Sunday (which is just about the stupidest rule we have ever heard.  Get it together, Bloomberg.  This ain't prohibition times anymore).  In any case, we are almost apathetic when our plates arrive.


The Tuscan peasant soup, which was not technically on Best Thing I Ever Ate but which Ina recommended combining with the grilled cheese, is downright to die for.  It overcomes the obstacle of being a very hot dish being consumed on a very hot day and makes us bask in all of its tomato, bready chunkiness.
Not Exactly a Go-To Summer Dish
The grilled cheese, when dipped in the soup, is equally rich in carb comforting goodness.  On its own, however, it is not quite as interesting - the bread is slightly greasy and the cheese somewhat lacking, and it does not overtake the grilled cheese excellence of Bouchon Bakery.
And the Mustard Dressing on the Salad is Enough to Kill You
Still, the combination of the two items warrants a 5-star review (and proves to be a much better "combo" than that blasted watermelon pickle and crispy pork at Fatty Crab).
Better Together
Picture These As Fraternal Twins
Vodka's mother, a steadfast follower of Ina Garten's cookbooks (though a rabid fan of Paula Deen herself), has always sworn that Ina has some of the best taste among the Food Network stars.  And with Ina's choice of E.A.T., Vodka's mom is proven correct.

If only the sandwich always came with a side of pickles.

E.A.T.'s Grilled Cheese and Tuscan Peasant Soup: 5 stars*

*Certifiable Best Thing We Ever Ate

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