Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Off the Map: We'll Take, the Wine, the Cake, and the Bill

Tres Leches Cake -- Kuba Kuba, Richmond, VA
Kuba Kuba

Once Vodka's friend, Diet Coke, manages to land in Richmond, they make their way to Kuba Kuba while awaiting the arrival of their final college roommate, Whiskey Sour.  
If Nothing Else, We Know How to Make the Most of a Flight Delay
We stumble into Kuba Kuba's cramped quarters laden down with six bags, up to and including a dirty one filled with leftover ribs.  Looking like we're moving in, we are sent to a small table in the back...

...and then promptly ignored for the next fifteen minutes.  We ask you, how did the girls with the 47 suitcases suddenly become invisible?!
Richmond, We're Begging You, Can We PLEASE Get Some Service Around Here?
Based on the timing of things thus far, and the fact that we need to return to the airport in less than an hour to fetch Whiskey Sour, Vodka is tempted to place our order as "Two glasses of wine, one slice of cake, and the bill."  The real reason we are here is for a piece of Duff Goldman's Best Thing I Ever Ate BETTER THAN MINE dish, the tres leches cake, though we are equally heartened by the gigantic pours of wine we receive to accompany it.
Our Initial Fears About the Size of These Glasses Proved to Be for Naught
Once the cake arrives on our table, it is beautiful in its mastery.  
I'll Get You, My Pretty
A thick slice of beige cake, decorated on top with a bevy of bright white frosting and dollops of whipped cream, it looks almost too pretty to eat.

Nothing In Life Is Actually Too Pretty to Eat
Maybe it's the lingering flavors of Ronnie's disappointing barbeque in her mouth, but Vodka finds the first taste of this creation to be nothing short of delectable.  The cake itself is light and succulent, and the frosting is sweet, but not in a hurt-your-teeth kind of way.  
If the Virginians Had Just Served This Cake, the Revolutionary War Could've Been Won Much Faster
When a bite hit the tongue, one fears for a moment that the flavors are going to turn lemony, but they always settle back to a milky consistency.
Got Multiple Milks?
This cake, in sum, is like having your dessert with a giant glass of fresh, cold milk, hold the glass.
Useful Way to Combat the Lactaid Pills
Satisfied that this foray into Richmond Best Thing I Ever Ate territory hasn't been a complete waste of time, Vodka and Diet Coke head out of the premises, a new bag of tres leches leftovers clutched in their grubby little hands, off to fetch their third roommate.
"We Saved You A Bite. Maybe Two. You're Welcome"
Or in this case, their tres.

Kuba Kuba's Tres Leches Cake: 5 stars*

*Certifiable Best Thing We Ever Ate

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