Saturday, May 7, 2011

Devilish Pigs

Deviled Eggs and Devils on Horseback – The Spotted Pig
The Spotted Pig

Like Stanton Social Club, The Spotted Pig is too cool for us.  Located in the maze of the West Village, we independently got lost while trying to get there.  In fact, the only reason we were certain that we had found the right place at all was the spotted pig figurine hanging above the door.

Danny Boome had recommended The Spotted Pig as boasting two of the best dishes to eat WITH MY HANDS: deviled eggs (which we are familiar with) and devils on horseback (which is one of those bizarre English dishes that we are in the dark about).

Pulling up stools at the bar, we order two Salty Dog cocktails (and then proceed to drink three each, but who’s counting?).
Salty Dog #1... or #3
Ginger, having just returned from her own trip to Disney World (we’re obviously big fans of eating and drinking around the world at Epcot), hands over the $10 earrings she had purchased, at Vodka’s request, at Epcot Mexico (for the record, the shop in the Mexico pavilion sports the best earrings ever – lightweight, cheap, and they don’t turn your earlobes black.  You heard it here first).
Tiffany & Co., Mexico Epcot Version
Our appetizers arrive: two deviled eggs and six bacon-wrapped dates (these are apparently devils on horseback).  We dive into the deviled eggs first – and they are delightful.
Perfect halves of hard-boiled egg whites hosting an inviting mixture of yolk, paprika, chives and… we don’t really know what’s in there, but it is SO GOOD.  For $3 an order, we could have subsisted on them for the rest of, well, at least the night.
Trying to be Ansel Adams
The devils on horseback, however, are a different story.  Generally, we are not really ones to criticize any dish containing bacon.  You could pretty much wrap Kibbles and Bits in bacon and we would eat it.  But dates are not really our thing.  Oddly sweet with a sloshy texture, they are just about the only ingredient we have ever found that we don’t enjoy wrapped in bacon.
We Would Prefer These Sans Dates
Now, if one is a date addict, we are sure you will love these creations, but we are not, and therefore, don’t.

In addition to our appetizers, we split one of The Spotted Pig’s famous burgers.  And we decide then that Danny Boome missed the mark on The Best Thing I Ever Ate for the perfect accompaniment to the deviled eggs – it is this burger.  Juicy and succulent, scattered with blue cheese and accompanied by shoestring fries, it is legitimately one of the best burgers we have ever tasted.
Should Be on The Best Thing I Ever Ate
So, while we would gallop back to The Spotted Pig for the deviled eggs and the burger, the devils on horseback we would have to leave in the stable.

The Spotted Pig’s Deviled Eggs: 5 stars*

The Spotted Pig’s Devils on Horseback: 2 stars

*Certifiable Best Thing We Ever Ate

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