Friday, May 13, 2011

No One Mourns the Wicked

Wicked Hot Chocolate – Jacques Torres
Jacques Torres

Like the infamously scrumptious Levain cookies, Vodka had tasted a Wicked Hot Chocolate from Jacques Torres before.  The reason?  Her mother, a Food Network groupie in her own right, had seen it featured on the channel, most likely by Giada DiLaurentiis on The Best Thing I Ever Ate WAKE UP CALL episode.
Fall Windows All Year Long
Neither Vodka nor her mother liked it.

In fact, they kind of hated it.
Halloween Much?
Granted, Vodka and her mom are not big dark chocolate people (in fact, we prefer white chocolate to all chocolate, which we understand is not even considered real chocolate by master chocolatiers).  And the wicked hot chocolate is made from dark chocolate.  The “wicked” part of it is the hint of chili pepper that is combined with the rest of the ingredients (only it’s not so much a “hint” as a “wallop”).
Long Story About the Band-Aid. Billiards Injury.
For purposes of the tour, Vodka would have ordered a cup of wicked hot chocolate again herself.  Luckily, however, since Ginger had never tasted it, Ginger could procure the cup and we could still check the dish off of our itinerary.

And Ginger loved the drink.
The First Sip
Vodka took a sip, admitted it was slightly better than what she remembered, but still disliked it (“It’s too thick!  It’s like sipping stew!”)

But Ginger (probably still drunk from book club) thought the wicked hot chocolate was delightful.

As a compromise, we have awarded this cup of spicy sweetness three stars.
Hot Chocolate Stew
(But the table that Jacques Torres keeps in the front of the store, where we consumed both our Levain cookie and our hot chocolate?  Strictly 5 stars).

Jacques Torres’s Wicked Hot Chocolate: 3 stars

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  1. Put this on the list for when I visit next.