Sunday, May 1, 2011

In a Weak Moment Today… Well, Not Really a Weak Moment… Just, Today

Manhattan 12-Pack Cupcakes – Eleni’s

Sometimes, one has a weak moment and needs a cupcake.  And sometimes, one just needs a cupcake.

Never content to leave well enough alone, we head down the street from Scarpetta to Chelsea Market, a food “warehouse” (in the location of the old Nabisco factory, and, more importantly, the Food Network offices) packed with culinary-related stores.  We go to Eleni’s for Sandra Lee’s favorite dish to eat WITH MY HANDS: a cupcake.

Now, Sandra Lee has specifically recommended the Manhattan 12-pack of cupcakes which Eleni’s sells pre-packaged.  For once using our better judgment, we decide against ordering a dozen cupcakes, and we instead settle for splitting one.  Choosing from the tiered varieties shielded behind glass, we decide on the red velvet.
One Singular Cupcake - Not a Dozen as Specified
We sit at a table in the back to dig in.  Like Butter Lane, Eleni’s cupcakes are on the small side of the spectrum (though they appear slightly larger because they feature two inches of frosting).  The frosting itself, which is decorated with miniscule red sprinkles, looks like it could be easily detached from the cake (a warning for those eating cupcakes on the go).  Thankfully, even though it appears light and whipped-cream-like, it is in fact actual cake frosting (whipped cream on a cupcake should be grounds for expulsion from the baking community – whipped cream should only be squirted directly into the mouth, not used as a frosting substitution).  The cake is moist yet compact and not very crumbly.  It is a very good cupcake.
Cupcake About to Meet Its Fate
From the two Best Thing I Ever Ate cupcakes we have tried, Vodka prefers Eleni’s, and Ginger prefers Butter Lane’s, so we have given 4 stars to each to reconcile the difference of opinion.  And while neither is a Cupcake Event like those provided at the cupcake chain stores, you cannot go wrong with either.

(Unfortunately, no one from the Food Network offices finds us in time to pick up the cupcake tab).

Eleni’s Cupcake: 4 stars

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