Monday, May 9, 2011

Two Fried Candy Bars for the Girls with the Sweet Tooth

Deep Fried Candy Bar – A Salt and Battery
A Salt and Battery

Still hungry from our foray into the best fish ever at Morimoto, we venture to what we assume is “Little Britain” on nearby Greenwich Avenue to procure dessert from A Salt and Battery.
Clever Name, No? Oh, Those Brits
Walking into the miniature shop, which smells distinctly of oil and scrumptiousness, we are greeted by a small, perky Englishman behind the counter.

Sounding suspiciously like Eliza Doolittle to our uncultured American ears, he asks us what we would like.

“A deep-fried candy bar!” we exclaim.  He asks us what kind.  What kind?

Sunny Anderson did not specify what kind of candy bar we should have fried in the TOTALLY UNEXPECTED episode of Best Thing I Ever Ate.  We are flummoxed.  We order a Mars bar, after we are assured that it tastes like a Milky Way.  Our English friend then encourages us to try a Lions bar as well, as it is the most popular choice among the Brits.  Two fried candy bars?  Why not?

We sit at the counter facing the wall and decide instantly that we need to come back and eat everything on the menu: it all looks fried and mouth-watering.
Give Us One of Everything
“Two fried candy bars for the girls with the sweet tooth!” our British friend calls.  Let’s be clear, love – we have all kinds of teeth.  We just downed an ocean of raw fish 10 minutes ago.

Our candy bars are presented in a carnival-like paper tray.  Cutting them in half with the precision of a plastic surgeon, we take our first bites.

Holy. Mother. Of. England.
Toto, I Don't Think We're At Morimoto Anymore
Now, both of us have tried things like fried Oreos and other fried goods in the past, and we were not the hugest of fans.  These candy bars, however, are not even remotely the same.  Warm and creamy on the inside and crispy on the outside, they are the epitome of perfection.
Would You Like FRY With That?
We adore them both (though if forced to choose, we would pick the Mars bar as being slightly superior).  In what seems like a minute, we finish both bars, licking our chops and dreaming of England.
The Brains of a Fried Candy Bar
At this point, what is left for us to do but head next door to Tea and Sympathy (which is rudely out of the Best Thing I Ever Ate Victoria Sandwich cake) and buy royal wedding paraphernalia?  And so we do.
We Vow to Thee Your Country
God Save the Queen.

A Salt and Battery’s Deep Fried Candy Bar: 5 stars*

*Certifiable Best Thing We Ever Ate

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