Tuesday, July 12, 2011

I'd Like to Turn My Kitchen Into a Bar

Sant Ambroeus – Sant Ambroeus (Chocolate Mousse) Cake
Sant Ambroeus

We select our next stop based solely on the place most likely to serve us a large and delicious cocktail.
Mission Accomplished
In order to score OpenTable points, Vodka has secured us a highly-sought-after 6pm reservation at Sant Ambroeus's West Village location.  However, finding ourselves thirsty at 3pm, we decide that they may be able to seat us early for Rocco DiSpirito's Best Thing I Ever Ate SWEET TOOTH dessert of choice: the Sant Ambroeus (Chocolate Mousse) Cake.  As usual, we cause some minor confusion while trying to explain that not only are we three hours early for our reservation, but we now would like to sit at the bar for only cocktails and cake.  Thankfully, the restaurant is essentially empty, and they have no trouble accommodating us.

We scoot up on our barstools, and as we wait for our artfully-prepared cocktails, Ginger muses on the possibilities of turning her tiny kitchen into a fully-stocked bar.  The only trouble would be the lack of bartender.  And possibly the lack of chocolate mousse cake.
Along with the Fact That She Downs Cocktails Like Water
To our left is a glass case fully stocked with scrumptious-looking desserts.
And It Takes Every Ounce of Self-Control Not to Request a Tasting Menu
Ordering the Best Thing I Ever Ate choice, the cake is delivered to us with two forks.  It is quite a thing of beauty, and Vodka, who has been rambling on about purchasing a kitten, notes that it looks furry.  The cake is covered in cocoa powder, giving it its fur and a lovely light brown color, and this cylinder is topped with a Sant Ambroeus monikered chocolate, a chocolate swirl, and some gold leaf decoration (which Ginger, ever the culinary mastermind, has to confirm is edible).
Mining for Gold
What is quite pleasing about this cake is that is seems inside out: the inner chocolate bits and custard is surrounded by a perfectly fluffy and light layer of milk chocolate mousse.  It is not too sweet, and the variety of textures keeps us highly entertained.  We are delighted both with the tasty cake and our extra-large cocktails.
Betting Now Open As to Which We Enjoyed More
Our delight must be obvious, as no less than three employees who pass us ask us if we are enjoying the cake.  While we would both order it again, it is simply a matter of chocolate preference that stands between this cake and five stars: Vodka would have been more pleased if the cake were white chocolate and Ginger, if it were dark chocolate.
Furry Friend
Still, when it is pouring rain, there are few better places to be than the West Village, bellied up to the bar with a cocktail, chocolate mousse cake, and a friend who understands the nuances of eating one's way across Manhattan ("Put your fork down, I need to take a picture first!").

Sant Ambroeus's Chocolate Mousse Cake: 4 stars

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  1. Yummm I love a great chocolate dessert (any type of chocolate will do it for me ;)