Monday, January 25, 2016

Off the Map: Trading Personal Trainers for Personal Tacos

Chicken Mole -- Loteria Grill, Los Angeles, CA
Within feet of beginning our trek across Los Angeles, it becomes abundantly clear that we don't belong here.  Not only are we the only doofuses actually deigning to use our own feet to get from one location to the other, but we also pass a bevy of people in the "park" (we use the term loosely -- Central Park, this is not) working out with their personal trainers.

Aka, our version of hell.
We Prefer to Work Out in the Safety of Our Homes, Where No One Can See Us NOT Working Out
After stumbling through the Grove and into the historic Farmer's Market, we go in search of Loteria Grill, home of Duff Goldman's favorite CHOCOLATE dish, the chicken mole.  
With Nary a Farmer to be Found
Truth be told, we don't really like mole, but we do like anything ending with the word "taco," so we're willing to take the plunge.
Such Martyrs We Are
Once our plate of tacos arrives, we dive into them as if we hadn't just consumed two pancakes the size of our heads.  The shredded chicken within these tortillas is doused heavily with the mole sauce, but not so much that it runs down our wrists (preferred, as the MESSY episode of Best Thing I Ever Ate is one of our least favorites).  
Thank You For Not Requiring a Wet-Nap
And while there is nothing wrong, per se, with these tacos, they're also not all that interesting.  The mole itself tastes rather bland, with barely a hint of salt and not even a trace of spice.  
Perhaps Loteria Could Take Some Tips from Taco Bell
It's not that it's an offensive taco, but it's certainly not a memorable one.  Especially considering that overall, the tortilla is our favorite part, and that's really not the point of Duff's choice at all.
When Is Tequila O'Clock?
And then, of course, there is the fact that the whole endeavor would have gone down better with a margarita in hand.  Is it noon somewhere yet?

Loteria Grill's Chicken Mole: 3 stars

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