Monday, February 22, 2016

Off the Map: I Think I Must Like Flour

Flourless Chocolate Cake -- Cake Flour, Louisville, KY
Cake Flour

What, like you've never gone all the way to Kentucky to eat a cake?
Well, Excuse Us for Being Devoted to a Useless Mission
Vodka has set off on, admittedly, one of her most random Best Thing I Ever Ate trips ever, though this time, the location in question is not exactly her choice.  You see, one of her college roommates is on a quest to visit all fifty states, and she has never been to Kentucky (in a twist of fate, Vodka has actually set foot in Kentucky's borders before, though when she was a toddler, and hence before the first episode of Best Thing I Ever Ate).  
In Other Words, Before She Had a Reason to Go Anywhere
Said college roommate, who goes by the moniker "Diet Coke" due to her propensity for teetotaling (the horror), has recently (more or less) sworn off the carbonated chemical as well as most alcohol, and even the promise of a Louisville mint julep isn't enough to turn her over to our day-drinking dark side.  
One of These Things Is Not Like the Other....
However, luckily for Cake Flour, the site of our only Kentucky Best Thing I Ever Ate dish, Diet Coke has a much bigger sweet tooth than Vodka (who primarily has what's called a "wine tooth"), and she would therefore be more agreeable to eating Aaron Sanchez's favorite CAKE WALK dessert, the flourless chocolate cake, at 9:00 in the morning.
If These Were Filled with Some Kentucky Bourbon, Vodka May Be More Interested
Cake Flour itself lies fifteen minutes outside of downtown Louisville, making it especially useful that Diet Coke, unlike Vodka or Ginger, knows how to drive.  
Without Us, Uber's Ridership Is Presumably Down 50% a Day
When we arrive at its strip mall premises, Vodka orders one miniature version of the chocolate delicacy, to which she is immediately asked if we would like glasses of water to go along with it.  
Of Note, Have Never Seen Reserved Seating at a Bakery Before
We perhaps should have taken this as a clue concerning what we were getting into, as the first bites of the cake reveal it to be just about the richest one we have ever tasted.
Count Chocula Has Nothing on This Thing
The chocolate cake part itself is covered by a thick layer of chocolate fudge and decorated with a delicate swirl of white frosting (a la a Hostess cupcake, which this whole thing seems to be an upscale takeoff on).  
Also at Over $6.00, It Is at Least Six-Times the Price of a Hostess Treat
However, what this cake needs is a solid dose of white icing in the middle, since if nothing else, it would help to mute the overwhelming taste of dark chocolate bitterness.  
Where's the Cream Filling?
While there is nothing inherently wrong with this cake, and it would presumably please a true chocolate lover, for us, it is just A LOT.  
Packing a Chocolate Wallop
Even with its miniature size, we are pretty much satisfied after a single bite, and Diet Coke recommends, "I feel like you should get this only to share with ten of your favorite friends." 
The Remaining Remnants
We pack up what's left of our cake, more out of politeness than because we actually want it, as Diet Coke quips about preferring an actual plain chocolate cake to this creation, "I think I must like flour."  
Gluten Is Our Friend
To be fair to Kentucky, we consumed many other foods within its borders which were preferable to its one Best Thing I Ever Ate dish.  But unfortunately for them, no Food Network star chose to highlight those dishes on a program which the channel doesn't even produce anymore, and so they will go unmentioned.  
Here's a Tip, Aaron Sanchez: Next Time, Try Louisville's Doughnuts
Which leaves one to assume that in every old Kentucky home, filled with bourbon and mint juleps and more than a few hot browns, the one thing that is desperately missing is a large helping of flour.

Cake Flour's Flourless Chocolate Cake: 3 stars

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