Wednesday, April 27, 2011

I Know I'd Go from Rice to Riches

Fluent in French Toast Rice Pudding – Rice to Riches
Rice to Riches

Full disclosure: we’re big Rice to Riches fans.
Rice to Riches Signage
Vodka discovered Rice to Riches six years ago upon moving to New York, as Kelly Ripa talked about it frequently.  Serving only various flavors of rice pudding, it is a Baskin Robbins for the chunky pudding types.

Vodka would go so far to say that she hated rice pudding before tasting that which is served at Rice to Riches.  The store changed everything about her relationship with the stuff.
Lisa Lillien had recommended Rice to Riches on Best Thing I Ever Ate for having the best dish she’s ever had SERVED COLD: the Fluent in French Toast rice pudding.  So even though we had frequented the joint many times before, we returned to taste this particular flavor.

It’s not our favorite.
We Just Don't Stop
We would absolutely rank other Rice to Riches flavors as the Best Thing We Have Ever Eaten, but we prefer Understanding Vanilla, or Coast to Coast Cheesecake, or Hazelnut Chocolate Bear Hug.  The Fluent in French Toast, while perfectly lovely, and yes, disarming in how closely it resembles French toast, is not our most beloved flavor.

Ordering a solo cup (with no toppings – the toppings are a relatively new push that Rice to Riches is making, and they’re over the top and unneeded) of Fluent in French Toast, we each take a taste from the saucer-shaped container with the space age spoon.  Then, Vodka takes one for the team and carts the rest of the serving home with her to eat later.  We just can’t shove one more piece of food into our mouths.
New Age Spoon
Well, maybe just one more….

Rice to Riches’s Fluent in French Toast Rice Pudding: 4 stars

Other Flavors of Rice to Riches Puddings: 5 stars*

*Certifiable Best Thing We Have Ever Ate


  1. The spoon into mouth picture is creepy...really creepy. Just sayin. :)

  2. That reminds me of the super-tight shots of people eating, biting into food they think HAVE to use on the show. And, if it's Alton, they have to use a white man's mouth...and if it's Sunny, they have to use a black woman's mouth...even if the person they are using looks NOTHING like whomever is presenting back in the if we'll somehow get confused otherwise. #Facepalm