Sunday, April 17, 2011

One Potato, Two Potato, Three Potato... Floor

Five Points – Yukon Gold Potato Pizza
Five Points

Our first mistake – our choice to fast all morning in preparation for our massive consumption of afternoon calories – is starting to catch up with us.  We are walking slower.  Reading our itinerary with less gusto.  Losing our will to live.

Though we had planned to go to Five Points for Alex Guarnaschelli’s favorite PIZZA two hours later, we abandon this plan when we see that it is less than a block away from our bar stools at Chinatown Brasserie.  We stumble into Five Points, “check in” for our OpenTable reservation 2 hours early, and are seated without a problem.
What We're After
Being well before the dinner rush, the place is not crowded, so we assume it will not be an issue if we share one individual pizza as our dinner.

Our waitress does not seem to share our sentiment.

When she realizes that we are ordering two glasses of sangria and one Yukon Gold Potato Pizza – yes, to share, thanks so much – we are instantly in the dog house. Luckily, we are too full to care.
Dinner of Champions
Our pizza arrives, anointed on its own pedestal and broken down into four massive slices.  Covered in thin potato rounds, a hint of fontina cheese, and a sprinkling of truffle oil, it is everything Alex Guarnaschelli has promised (and we think we can agree that Alex has the ability to describe food in a way that makes each bite seem appealingly seductive).  It is crispy without tasting like French fries yet soft without being mashed.  And though it is not a traditional pizza (ahem, chocolate pizza), it is just lovely.
Potato and Truffle and Cheese, Oh My!
Although the potato pizza is great, we fear we are almost too full to truly enjoy the intricacies of it (plus, our waitress continues to hate us).  If tasted again, with the benefit of not being the fifth in a long line of dishes already consumed, we believe it might reach true Best Thing We Ever Ate status.  But for us, it was the potato that broke the non-foodies’ backs.

Five Points’s Yukon Gold Potato Pizza: 4 stars


  1. yummm potato pizza sounds and looks delish!

  2. This just made my mouth water... I want (when I visit)!

  3. Looks YUMMY to me......xo

  4. This will be on our itinerary the next time I visit. Thanks.