Monday, April 11, 2011

The Rules and Our First Mistake

We live lives of extremes.
The Best Thing I Ever Ate

We lay down the laws of the land for our Best Thing I Ever Ate tour.  First of all, in an effort not to lose entire paychecks on restaurant tabs and/or future Weight Watchers payments, we establish that we will split each featured dish whenever possible.  As a result, we will be doing a lot of eating at the bar, and since cocktail consumption is where we excel in life, this is ideal.
Classy Payment System
Initially, we had planned to do this tour in all-day eating affairs – one restaurant after another – on weekend days when we were both free.  We decide to rate each of the Best Thing I Ever Ate dishes out of a 5-star system, with 5 stars truly being one of the best things we have ever eaten, and 1 star being table scraps. 

So for our first day o’ eating, a frigid January day, we have a full, slightly OCD, and very ambitious itinerary in hand.  And then we make our first mistake.

Planning to begin our tour at 2:00pm, and assuming we will be consuming half of our weight throughout the afternoon and evening, we both fast all morning in preparation.

For the record, this is not a good plan.
Words to Live By
If one is to spend hours upon hours eating at a rapid-fire pace, one should begin eating first thing in the morning in order to expand one’s stomach in preparation for the day’s work.  Because we did not take these precautions, we ended the day at 8pm, deathly full and stumbling into taxis, vowing to never eat again.

But before that near-miss overstuffed explosion occurred, our first day o’ eating was developing splendidly.

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